About the Institute


Why Choose Us

For both the people who have just discovered that they have a problem and those who have been struggling for years, addiction recovery is available to you at Gordon Institute. Our professional and altruistic addiction experts provide quality care with unprecedented care and compassion.

Utilizing a variety of techniques, our specialists customize treatment programs for our clients that meet their every need and requirement of their circumstances. The time for recovery is now, don’t wait any longer to take back your life. Recovery at Gordon Institute is deliberate and simple.

Supervised Detox

Before you enroll at one of our drug rehab centers, even before you have a consultation, you need to admit that you have a problem you can’t control or overcome on your own. This is a part of the process, eradicating denial and establishing that your condition isn’t your fault, is key. After you have admitted this to yourself and others, you will undergo supervised detox in of our drug detox clinics. This is when your body does its work to eliminate your physical dependence and get you setup on the right foot for long-term treatment. To ease symptoms and pain, detox is strictly monitored by our professionals to ensure it is as safe, comfortable, and efficient as possible.

Long-Term Therapies

After you have rid yourself of your physical addiction, it will be time to work on your psychological addiction through long-term therapy. You will have personal one-on-one therapy sessions with a personal counselor that will get down to the root of your problems and allow you to express your pain, disillusionment, and alienation. Here you will design a personalized addiction recovery plan with your counselor, which may include dual diagnosis mental health treatment. A dual diagnosis is when a person is suffering with an additional mental health condition concurrently with the addiction. You will be screened and treated for the uncovered issues that ail you. Venting your problems and figuring out what is coercing you to take drugs or drink alcohol is one of the most crucial aspects of addiction recovery.

Group Therapies

Group therapy is also an extremely important part of treatment. During group sessions, you will receive vital support from your peers at the addiction recovery center. Counselor-led group therapy will allow you to share your story, hear the similar adversities of others, and exchange invaluable advice about how to stay sober and avoid addiction triggers. The support you get may last for years after you have left the Gordon Institute addiction treatment facility. The bonds that are cultivated will help you through your sobriety and your life ahead.


When you have effectively begun your long-term treatment therapies and are ready to leave our facility, you will not be on your own. As you go to depart, our caring and professional addiction specialists design an aftercare plan similar to your original treatment plan. Its goal is to help you stay sober without the constant guidance, but with limitless support. Whatever works best for you will be implemented to ensure your happiness and sobriety. Keeping up with your aftercare program is pivotal and may define your success later in life. To fully liberate yourself from addiction, you need long-term resources, guidance, and support.